T-shaped Design

Horizontal (Left to right)

  1. Timorous Beasties- I chose Timorous Beasties because they influenced me a lot during my advance higher and give me the inspiration to try screen printing.
  2. Frida Kahlo- Frida Kahlo influenced my whole higher of Art&Design, to me she is so inspiring with all that she went through throughout her life she still kept painting and producing incredible art.
  3. Bohemian Rhapsody- When I watched this movie I felt so motivated and inspired afterward, I knew it had to go into my T-shape. Freddie Mercary never gave up on anything that he wanted even when people didn’t think he could do it. The movie itself is so amazingly made and really pushed the boundaries of film production which I admire.
  4. Van Gogh- I love the way Van Gogh painted, his heavy brush strokes, his use of bold colours and the compositions that he put together and how unique and different it was to paintings in his time. His daringness really influences me.
  5. Construction drawings- I wanted to be a joiner before I wanted to be an Interior Designer so I did a year long course of construction in 4th year and after doing this it influenced me to look into different paths of design leading me to this course.
  6. Bricklaying- My Dad is a bricklayer by trade and has been for his whole carrer but worked his way up to become a lecturer- Head of construction. My dad has influenced me in many ways but he’s aways influenced me to work as hard as I can for what I want.
  7. Plant of the Apes- It is one of my favourite movies
  8. Nike Air Vapermax- I really like the design of these shoes, the design is very new and unique.
  9. Converse-I wear this shoes most days and they are my favourite design of shoe.
  10. Rita Carter- I love reading her books as the give helpful mindfulness tips and she writes about things to help you in life
  11. Paolo Sebastian- I love his designs and the amount of detail he put into every piece he creates
  12. William Morris- I really enjoy his wallpapers and found him so interesting when studying him in school
  13. Elie Saab- I admire all of her pieces, they are full of beautiful detail.
  14. Tom Walker- He is one of my favourite artists

Vertical (Left to right)

  1. Zwinger- The aritecture of this building is so beautiful, and i really enjoy the detail and materials used for this building
  2. Jake Mogelson- He designed the wallpaper for this Interior and I love he makes his designs by hand and how unique they are
  3. Charles Garnier- I admire the stone used in his design and the detail used
  4. Mr Kate -I admire all of her work, she was the fist interior designer I knew about and is why I considered being an Interior Designer in the first place
  5. massimo uberti- This spatial design uses light to remove the distance between you and the outside world, I really like the concept
  6. Giuseppe Galli Bibiena- The building is beautiful, the creativeness and detail of the roof is so incredible
  7. Kelly Wearstler- I love how clean and modern her designs are
  8. Interior of kremlin-The blue and gold used in this building is so eye catching and bright it make the space seem bigger.
  9. Kelly Hoppen- I love her designs, and the clean detail that pulls the room together.
  10. Nate and jeremiah- I love their designs, they have their own design show which shows the process of being an Interior Designer




Interior and Spatial Design @ Edinburgh Napier // Intern @ BRIC Interiors

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Drew Moody

Drew Moody

Interior and Spatial Design @ Edinburgh Napier // Intern @ BRIC Interiors

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