Drew Moody

Mar 10, 2020

2 min read

Living off-grid

Off-grid ZeroCabin

I’m in two minds about this ZeroCabin, it’s a fantastic idea, absolutely brilliant actually; it’s exactly what we need and will more than likely be the future we will be living in, due to the amount of damage we’ve already caused to our environment; the least we could do is to try and reverse it somehow. However, it’s not exactly designed to be anything but an eyesore to others, and it really could not picture myself living somewhere like this, I know this isn’t something I shouldn’t be saying as I’m a designer who should be praising this design, it’s actually let out as a Airbnb ordeal but I’m thinking of long term but that’s all only negative view on this design.

This is the first of ZeroCabins to be built, it has been built with a puma sanctuary in Puerto Varas, near southern Chile, all the income from the Airbnb goes towards the wildlife preserve, one of the many reasons this is a great design. It was conceived by a six-person team, of civil engineering, biology, chemistry, sustainable farming, and interior design; none who has a background in architecture (maybe they should have rethought that decision). All materials have been recycled from previous projects and we even craved from a boat, 100 meters by foot to the site and used. This again is a fantastic idea, but you would need to find people with 100% commitment to living off-grid to live in houses like this, cutting down on carbon footprint and being cautious about the environment; easy but I don’t think (at this time my life) I could be living off-grid. Maybe that’s why it’s being rented out. I applaud the six people who spent years working on this design and I applaud the people who live off-grid, we need to be like you or try to be like you if we want to save our planet (contradicting, I know).